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Writers of Young
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hallo there! this is the young writer's community, purely because sunkist3577 and myself were hypothesising that there ought to be one, and then her dear friend harrywells happened to have a spare code, and was kind enough to offer it for the purposes of this community being made and..la?

la indeed.

well, 'tis called a community of young writers. i don't know what we're calling young, but i don't think we're being specific about it as far as saying "no one over [blank] years old shall be permissed to post in this community, so there, and you're not invited to my birthday party!". anyone who happens to have an interest in the topic if young writers, or even just writers/writing/things of that nature in general is certainly welcome to join, but. the intent of the community is that it shall be mainly focussed on young writers. otay? otay!

all persons reading this journal are reminded that all writing posted here is the sole property of it's author, and that permission must be sought and obtained from said individual before the piece is reproduced in any for or any means, electronic, or mechanical laser beams.

all writers posting their work on the community journal are also well advised to place some small notice reminding readers that it is *your* work, and not to be stolen.

this sounds extensively insane and yaddayaddayadda, but it's only because i'm paranoid and i want all the little (and big) writers of the world to be well protected from those blue meanies who wouldst do something so horrid as taking someone else's work and try to pass it off as their own, without credit or permission.

other than that...please, post like crazy, and have fun!